Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blank Page Thursday

I'm opening up a blank page Thursday today.

This is a casual chat about anything journal or notebook related. We can have a chat here about journaling topics: how you start a journal, a brand of notebook you've been into lately, collage ideas, or any notebook or journal related topic.

I'll start us out by saying that I haven't been as into journaling lately as I usually am. My current journal is barely halfway done and it's been a month. I collaged yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks. A few days this week I've written a few sentences or less, while other days it's been a few pages. I've added more stickers and things from magazines this week. I've been into adding quotes in my journals recently. Paperblanks is a brand I've been into lately. Their designs are very intricate, which I've been liking lately. I used to be into pocket Moleskines because I was into plain covers for years and sometimes would decorate my own. Those are my random thoughts of the day about journaling.

Join us in the comments to be part of the conversation. :)

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  1. Hey Journal CEO! I just came across your blog via your post on Paperblanks' blog, and I am very happy I did! This is a great resource for journalers. I have added you to my blog list. Please keep up the good work over here!

    (I'm sorry if this is a duplicate comment...the first one I made didn't seem to go through.)


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