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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lil Miss Red T-Shirt: Play Room!

Please tell me that you Google'd kids room and play room designs in the middle of the night when you were in college, planning what you want your future offspring's rooms to look like.

No, you didn't... you say? Oh. Well, awkward. I've totally started thinking of ideas for kid's rooms. No, I'm not expecting. No, I'm not even married. So, yeah. Random. I decided I want my (future) little girl's room to be pink, pastel, and vintage-y... with flowers and cute vintage quilts and trinkets around the room. And, with vintage board game pieces in shadow boxes. Oh, and I came up with a fun primary color play room.

Years ago on some "over the top homes" TV show, I saw a house that had a drive-in (literally) movie theater, with awnings for markets and "main street." It was so cool (and pricey!). I recently saw Lil Blue Boo's tutorial on how she made an awning cheaply. She put it in her office/play room... it's so cute! I decided that I want to make little awnings called "Toy Shop," "Museum," and "Art Studio" in my kid's play room.

I'll paint each wall a pastel version of a primary color, then add vintage game and nursery rhyme wall art.

The Toy Shop awning will have this colorful bin shelf under it to store the kiddie toys and stuffed animals.
I'll put shadow boxes above the shelf, filled with fun vintage board game pieces/posters and antique toys.

The Art Studio and Museum awnings will each have one of these cute little pencil shelves under them.
The Art Studio awning/pencil shelf will hold a bunch of art supplies, and have a wall easel above the shelf.
The Museum awning/pencil shelf will have boxes to store rock, postcard, stamp, and kiddie collections. I'll add science-y fun hobby kits and frame a few of the collectables to make it look museum-y.

The Library corner will have cute bunting as decor, then wall shelves to put books on. I'll add in some vintage books to decorate the corner. And, this cute little primary color bean bag finishes off the corner.

Near to the Art Studio awning, I'll put this cute primary color table/chair set... a perfect place to paint.
(Yes, I'm still not happy my mom sold my old table and chair set from my babyhood for a few dollars... ugh!)
This rainbow one is kid size, and a great place to paint and do crafts on. Above it will be 3 photo frames to house art that the kids make... I'll get photo frames that open in the front so the art is quick to change out. I'll put a few wall shelves under the framed kiddie art to put little toys, stamp sets, and vintage trinkets.
On the wall opposite of the shops with awnings, I'll put this adorable vintage style play kitchen!

I had a white plastic play kitchen as a kid, and I loved it! This vintage kitchen is fun and colorful, and I'll add in vintage kitchen towels and antique fruit wall art above it to make it feel "home-y."

On the corners of the room by the door you come in, one side will have a doll house. The other corner of the room will have a small foldable play tent or tee-pee. Or, maybe just board games, floor pillows, bean bag toss, and a puppet theater.

Now all I need.... is a kid! (No, mom, not yet.... don't get too excited!!)

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