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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vintage Stamp Saturday, Part 5: Just call me Grandma Moses.


So, I pretty much have quaint, old-ladyish hobbies. Stamp collecting? Old lady. Crocheting and sewing? Old lady. Needless to say, sometimes I act a few times my age. Once I was making a quilt, and my grandpa's comment: "um, why?" Ha. My response? "I'm pretty much Grandma Moses."

Who was Grandma Moses? I consider her to be an old, quaint lady who sewed and enjoyed crafts. Wiki says she was a folk artist depicting rural American born in 1860. She didn't begin painting until she was old, so the press nicknamed her Grandma Moses. It stuck. Apparently, her artwork was used for all sorts of things: coffee cans, drapery, and more. She apparently had very popular art exhibits in the 1950s. A native New Yorker, she lived to be 101 and was very into home decorating and embroidery in her earlier years.

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